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I might possibly have fibro but

Started by refusingtobeaman, November 26, 2014, 03:28:22 AM

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 :an good post:

I agree that it may transform to a better defined diagnosis.  It has been labeled with different names and means of diagnosis throughout history.  The name is not as important as the fact that it continues undefined, untreated, and unabated.

You expressed the point very well and exactly what I tried to say in your statement:
'believes that the patients complaints are real', that is, they are not made up, imagined or wildly exaggerated - but that they do have some real physical basis in the patient's body. Doubting the complaint of the patient - in the absence of specific reasons for the doubt -  is really a mark of a bad doctor. Doubting FM in that way is really unscientific because there is plenty of scientific research to support the physical reality of the complaints. Furthermore, there is no scientific research that suggest that the complaints are symptoms of hypochondriasis, depression, drug seeking etc. If a doctor behaves like there is, he is failing as a doctor.

I will use that again if I can remember where to find it.

Thank You !
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Again thank you all.
I have a blood test soon so I do hope something else turns up but from self research I don't think I meet the diagnostic criteria for a few of the other possibilities (mostly i don't have inflammation).
a few year ago I was in an abusive relationship and when I mentioned what I've now come to recognize as chronic pain to them it was written off and for the longest time I thought it was normal. Lately (last 18-12 months) its been getting worse and when I mentioned it to a close friend they told me its not normal.

Heat has the opposite effect on me. I can't deal with even moderate heat as it increases my sensitivity to pain.

I've also lived with insomnia since my late childhood so I've never considered the fatigue side of things being more than a side effect of that, however i have realised in the last six months I've been way more exhausted more often.

On the good doctor side of things, I know my GP has a patient with fibro, but it did take them two years to get even some of the support they needed. So I'm cautious as to whether I should keep this GP or not. But at the end of the day its just for a referral to a rheumatologist.


Ummm... the guys can check me if I'm wrong here but I don't remember fibromyalgia being an inflammatory disease.  If that's why you don't think you have fibro then you might want to check again.  As to the doctor, you'll know by their attitude toward what you say.  If they ever ever EVER tell you it's a woman's disease, run like a scalded chicken 'cause he's a bad doctor!!! 

You'll know they're the right doctor when they want to work with you no matter what your symptoms are and be willing to listen and believe what you tell him unconditionally...  Now, the other side of that is never lie to the Doc... tell it exactly like it is every time and your relationship should go smooth as melting ice... and yeah, that only works with the right one!!!

Again.. welcome.  Enjoy the seating, we just had it re-upholstered in deep comfort. :biggrin:
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I have both inflammatory issues and non inflammatory ones. The one rheumy was concerned because he knew I had fibro but was getting a fair amount of inflammation without the arthritis markers he thought should be there. Get a second opinion if the answers do not make sense!


Quote from: foxgrove on November 29, 2014, 08:53:46 PM
Ummm... the guys can check me if I'm wrong here but I don't remember fibromyalgia being an inflammatory disease.  If that's why you don't think you have fibro then you might want to check again. 
Oh I mean I have been looking into other things, but most of the ones with symptoms similar to what I've got also have inflamation, which I don't have.

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