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Elimination Diet?

Started by Catie, April 30, 2015, 02:07:30 PM

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Hey all,

Has anyone attempted any kind of elimination diet and seen any results with it? I've been listening to a lot of health related podcasts and reading a lot of articles lately and I was curious about them.

Wanted to put the feelers out there and see what any experience has been as far as possibly finding flare trigger foods or anything.

We just started some new meds so I'm going to give it a few weeks until we attempt something so if he starts doing better we know what worked.

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These have come up from time to time.  I don't think we have any great belief in them.  :giveup:  At least you don't hear of any great break-throughs.




I tried it before I got my diagnosis. I was trying anything to get a handle on my pain, before my GP let me have stronger pain killers. I cut out all the trendy bad foods completely for several weeks, then introduced them back one by one. None of it made any difference.

The only thing I have found is since being prescribed tramadol, drinking LOTS of fluids helps with the constipation. My self induced flare ups from over doing things seem to settle down quicker. This might be the extra fluids, or the Tramadol, the weather or the new underwear I got for my birthday.

The problem with the Internet gurus, is that they find a little bit of science that fits their world view (or supports their product or book) and stick to it regardless of any evidence to the contrary. I've always had a passion for science and enjoy researching stuff. So whilst food allergies and intolerances do exist, they are not as common as people think. Humans have evolved to be omnivores and as such our gut and it's bacteria can digest pretty much anything. Our liver and kidneys are excellent at sorting out the toxins. 

I do however fast periodically, but this is to aid weight loss, and it's a method that my body is used to. I don't notice any significant change in symptoms when I eliminate all foods either? My last fast was three and a half days, with only water or zero calorie soda. No change in symptoms or pain levels. My doc wants to up the pregabalin dose this week, so no fasting till I see what happens with the new doseage.

The only thing I would suggest if you do try the elimination diet, try one change at a time, it will be easier to pin down changes. Also if you do find something that makes a difference. Re-introduce it for a period, see if it reverses the improvement. Then remove it again. This will help rule out any other factor that might have been responsible. I also wouldn't spend any money on cures / supplements that can only be purchased through the self proclaimed fibro guru. Also be wary of people who claim to have cured their fibro, chance are they are taking bull, or didn't have fibro.

I'm not an expert, the rest of the guys on here have much more experience, but common sense and reading are your best allies in this crappy battle.

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