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A Cautionary Tale

Started by Lori, October 09, 2008, 03:16:56 PM

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More than 5 years ago ... I stopped going to a forum that I had been going to since 97.

I left under extreme circumstances ... I was being accused of doing stuff I didn't do by some very angry, paranoid people.   And was sooo thankful when I found (or was invited to) the Men's site which was then just starting up.

And ... as you know or may remember ... in Feb (I think) I will have been here or with "you guys" 3 years ... after Don aka Skull talked me into joining  :D

Anyway, after I had left the first forum and as I thought back on my time there ... I couldn't believe I hadn't left years earlier.   They were always arguing & complaining about something & with each other.  But there was a group of us that tried to keep the forum & members positive ... and tried to help those that came there for support.

Well ... I went back there ... as I sat here not able to get back to sleep   :insane:

FIVE YEARS LATER ... they are still going on about the same argument that was going on that caused me to leave.  I was STILL being accused of things I didn't do.   And the posts ... one after another ... (pardon my French) were nothing but <naughty word>ing & complaining ... arguing & accusing.

One Newbie posted that she had just been diagnosed with this "disease".   She got ONE response ... "its a SYNDROME not a disease".  I felt so sorry for her.   :cry:

There is a lot ... and I mean a LOT of posting goes on there ... but I didn't see any that were helpful to anyone.   They were all just basically arguing, criticizing & yelling at each other.   What a pathetic group of people.  One poster I was thinking was at least trying to be helpful & informative ... until I saw where someone questioned something in the post ... and the poster verbally tore the persons head off.   I thought it was a perfectly legitimate question ...

I don't know how anyone could stand having that much negativity in their life.  How the members there could remain being members.   Its just mind boggling,

But it sure makes a person appreciate forums like this and the Men's site. :D

Source: Title: Went to an old forum I used to go to ... it was just ... pathetic
Post by: Peter on October 13, 2007, 07:00:15 AM

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