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It does not matter the name, We all have the same symptoms.

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Weird symptoms

Started by Olys45, August 29, 2015, 06:46:07 AM

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Thanks for the education goldy.

It is what it is...


Quote from: foxgrove on August 31, 2015, 02:13:37 PM
That's what I've been told as well... something about the best stuff to use is the stuff with all the same local pollen as you are subjected to.  I think it's something to do with small dose exposure dulling the effect of the allergen on the system.  I love my honey but I'm likely not eating it consistently enough to act as an anti-allergy med.  Oh well... poor me... I guess I'll just have to eat more of it.  :biggrin:

I've read several studies over the years. What you eat, you become less susceptible to an allergic reaction. Something about if it's good enough to eat, then the body shouldn't react to it, and it tries to adjust to it. Of course there was a lot more technical and medical language, but even if I wanted to, I couldn't remember the medical language  gibberish.

Obviously this should be approached with EXTREME caution. People severely allergic to peanuts, and other situations that can die from exposure should NOT try this at home, work, or anywhere else. You probably couldn't even find a doctor to help you.

If it's a simple allergic reaction (hay fever, runny nose, clogged sinus), still use with extreme caution. The potency and concentration of what ails you changes from batch to batch.


My wife found it helped on top of her shots in reducing allergic reactions.


My father and sister both went through something called desensitization in one of the local hospital's allergy clinics as they were both to the anaphalactic reaction level and dad still worked with bees.  Over about a year, they received slowly increasing levels of apitoxin and were able to greatly improve their reaction to stings.  Dad has kept up his level of desensitization up the easy way just by borrowing a worker bee every month or so and having her sting him... bad for the bee but good for dad.

I imagine that has some correlation to the honey fix for hay fever but as you said, that is NOT something to try on your own.  From what I understand, the doctors won't even attempt desensitization for peanut allergies.. not sure if it's the severity of reactions or something to do with the proteins but... :dunno:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



The desensitization therapy has to be monitored closely and you have to be watched for half an hour after each treatment. My wife received shots in varying doses until the reactions minimized


I have tried the paleo diet too and had the same thing.

My nutritionist explained it to me as follows:

"you have a leaky gut, and part of the reason you have a leaky gut is your illness, and some of it is your food choice. You have gut dysbiosis , we are treating your bacterial dysbiosis with pre-biotics, however the yeast dysbiosis is food related and food controlled. Yeast , which is out of control due to processed wheat and high sugar foods, change the structure of their  cells to not only attach themselves to the gut lining, but to  literally put "roots" through it making it "leaky. The diet helps reduce the feeding of thease altered yeast cells, however they can sense a lack of their favourite nutrients and will give off chemicals in your blood, which upon reaching the brain and adrenal glands, will make you crave sugars, and the toxins also make you feel weak, muscle weakness, brain fog etc that you are feeling. You have to push through until the altered yeast dies and the number of standard yeast cells in your body comes back into line, before these symptoms will go away by themselves, and indeed you will feel much more energy"

Well, that was all well and good, I did the diet for 4 months and then caved in for a bacon butty  :emolaugh:

So, yes get it checked out, but it might ust be yeast toxins, in a desperate dying last grasp at getting you to feed the little gits :-)

I do not define myself by my illness so why should anyone else define me that way  :-)


That makes yeast sound a whole lot nastier. :eek1:

It is what it is...

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