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president Carters Cancer ♋ Cure

Started by old boy, January 01, 2016, 06:59:05 PM

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old boy


.       I came across this article on how Jimmy Carter is claiming that he has cured the cancer ♋ in his brain,by smoking 🚬 weed!  I  :yikes:blown out.... A conservative Democratic ex-president at the age of 92 ,this article read, is smoking 🚬 weed,marijuana,yes....two or three times a day and he's claiming that by doing this,he's been cured of cancer ♋. Unreal. This might be the year we get the cure.. Or some relief 😌 from something else,besides the poppy plant. Amen


Have you got a reference for that story??
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


old boy


.                   When I google:"Jimmy Carter using marijuana!",  this headline news will pop up as one of the sites on the ex-president,fox, I just got there was a story about Mr. Carters firing up a few joints a day.... As the ex- president of the U.S.,I'm sure he's not going to move to Colorado or some other state, whereas marijuana can be legally obtained. If it works....what better endorsement......

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It is a fake news article from Satira Tribune - "Satirical News For Satirical Folk". So, it is a made-up story. The real medicine behind Carter's recovery seems to be pembrolizumab, developed by Merck & Co.



It is what it is...


Times are tough when "Happy Hour" is your nap.
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old boy

 :insane: :yikes:

              Lesson of the day,,,,,,"Dont always believe what you read on Aol news sights!" Too bad......That was such a great endorsement for the "WEED!"   :giveup:

         I know from personal experience . It worked for me. Helped relieve the pain. I got my appitite back.  Before the oxycontin treatment plan , I weighed 220!   After three years on oxycontin . 145 lbs..... Off the Poppy and on Suboxone. weighs up to about 170lbs.

     That oxycontin numbed everything....I would even wet my pants. numb the works ,down there. Numbed my appitite and brain.... Its poor mans Herion!  I was a prescription ,herion , junkie!  Trying to get it back together.....Without that numbing of pain from the is painful.....from getting up in the mornings , espercially, to getting through the day with pain and discomfort....... :insane:Law is the law , they wont give me the relief ...Im in the file cabinet on hold, right now....don't think they know what to do with me.....they don't want to admit they were wrong. I am truly suffering from fibromyalgia PAIN,  It is a political situation.  they aren't the one who has to suffer.... they go on and I am Ignored, for now, its appearing. Keep me in your prayers. this political war on pain pills ,shouldn't effect the people that really need their relief....


Since I found out the nausea was NOT related to morphine I don't find anything wrong with the drug. Just minor side effects.
I also lost a lot of weight(275 at my highest,now 190.
But it wasn't morphine,at least not entirely.
I actuly believe the atenlol morphine combo was the problem.

It is what it is...

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