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Cream Cheese Toast

Started by DEL, January 10, 2016, 11:11:07 PM

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Cream Cheese

Whole wheat, Marble Rye, or Pumpernickel Bread

Leftover shredded meat of your choice

Sliced Olives

Toast bread dark and then while still hot spread Cream Cheese on toast

Sprinkle shredded meat and Olives on top of Cheese
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Praise God and Pass the Ammo!

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I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Toaster pizza! :emocrazy:
Can't go wrong with cream cheese.

It is what it is...

old boy


.   Have to miss out on all that , anything that has alot of cheese will give me bad 🙅 heart ❤ burn or accents the chronic fatigue syndrome to to the max... Especially,cheese cake 🎂 like a good ton of bricks I am 😊 dragging around and carrying on my shoulders...
.       Chronic fatigue syndrome times ten!!  Cheese cake 🎂 Brain-fog, fibro-fog times twenty. A little piece of cheese cake and I am out of the picture 📷 for hours....Don't know if it's lactose intolerance or the chronic fatigue syndrome is effected some way and intensified...... Any other people who are affected by the cheese out there?


Wild!!!  Never heard of that before.  Is that exclusive to cream cheese or does it happen with other dairy products as well?  Just so you're not alarmed, me not hearing about it is no biggie... I miss stuff all the time so it could be commonplace.  Just don't remember coming across it before.
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


old boy

 :blue thumbs up:

.   Roger that....good buddy!  Cheese cake 🎂 puts me down 👇 chronic fatigue syndrome times ten! Yes, think about the worst time with the chronic fatigue,brother and multiply by ten... Whew 😌 does a number on me... Cheese on top the pizza 🍕 heart ❤ Myself and cheese,must go our separate ways  .....Gods love ❤ and bless  old man w-cane

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