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It does not matter the name, We all have the same symptoms.

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Started by old boy, February 11, 2016, 09:32:27 PM

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old boy

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.   Came across a section called"Neurasthenia" in this old medical textbook...and the description of this sounds identical with"Fibromyalgia" suffering today's word.. Except brain-fog is called brain- fag. Surely that has been changed for obvious reasons.... Anyone familiar with this....?

old boy


.    As I read on in this same said old book, published in the 1890's  of late.... Under the above note, I'm directed to read the section on,"spermatorrhoea," wow... Appears men can lose sperm through more ways than one and.... Even with the noted way,one must refrain. Because the neuron is being over taxed...  old-man/cane. Ones neurons are starving and this will cause the noted symptoms of fibromyalgia suffering... Especially in regards to the chronic fatigue syndrome...

.    I don't know 😞 how much this relates to women,but I know most females who suffering from fibromyalgia end up with hysterectomies... I don't know 😞 what then gentleman....oddball it is 😊 thought I would throw it out for debate   .but leave the

.    Start with a diet to build up the neurons and refrain from any sexual activities for a few months and see if the chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia suffering is cured.

.     Gods love ❤ and blessings     1890's who would have thought they would come out with this...The book is"Plain home talk, medical common sense by Edward B. Foote. M.D. 1870


I think there might be one major thing missing from that diagnosis to make it's comparison with fibro more likely: Chronic pain in all four quadrants.  I dug a little more and this Dx has basically been relegated to the boondocks of the medical books as a neurotic disorder, a mental condition where unbidden thoughts become the primary motivator of unusual behaviours... Some common diagnosis would include obsessive–compulsive disorder, obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, anxiety disorders, hysteria, and impulse control disorders which covers a wide range of conditions from skin picking and nail biting to kleptomania and compulsive gambling.

From what I understand of fibromyalgia, it is not part of these spectrums but rather a separate condition that deals with altered pain processing and perception.  Fibro seems to be less related to issues with the frontal lobe like neurotic disorders and more likely connected to the pain processing centers of the brain which are centered in the limbic system.  Of course, none of this is known with any certainty as we're all still metaphorically feeling our bit of the elephant in the dark.
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


old boy


.   Understandable, but Dr. Ed Foote explained it more as the comparison between our network of nerves to a telegraph line.  At the site of the connector to the pole is the neuron. And that neuron is dried up and bent out of it's normal shape. Instead of being soft and playable like the yoke of an egg it's hard.  The line running from pole to pole or neuron to neuron is being blocked by a toxin ,such as mercury (yes, he noted mercury. Preservation of the shots, like tetanus,smallpox etc) or other poison 💀 from our own bodies!  This blocked line is causing this extreme pain.

.    I have just touched on his But it was sounding very much like the symptoms of fibromyalgia suffering and chronic fatigue syndrome... Over a hundred years ago and still nothing... A woman 👩 I met in a fibromyalgia suffers group told me about the memory of the doctor coming out to her house and giving her grandfather 👴 a shot 💉 of morphine every month back in the fifties and she's remembered her grandfather 👴 being bed 🏨 ridden mostly.... What she said was now she's thinking 😔 he was suffering from fibromyalgia,but they didn't know it back then.

.    It's just frustrating when you read stories and hear stories so long ago,about fibromyalgia symptoms and nothing else is done,but the pain pills 💊

.     God help them get with the program and catch up on the times with a cure....


I saw something on this also, but from the perspective that it was something that only affected women, especially those who had foolishly decided to study something, as their weak female brains could not cope:

"They also voiced the common concern that the increasing tendency to educate women could be leading to problems: "Many women never get over a long and ambitious course of study... Many a brilliant student or vigorous athlete has been thus wrecked, perhaps for life — especially among women" (Allbutt & Rolleston, 1905-1911)"

Getting a diagnosis of Fibro is hard enough, thanks to made up psychological illnesses that docs like to use to classify patients they have neither the knowledge or inclination to help, a wastepaper basket diagnosis if you will. How many of us, before getting a diagnosis, were told to take some anti depressants and go away :emocrazy:
I do not define myself by my illness so why should anyone else define me that way  :-)


Ouch! :lmao:
Keep em barefoot and pregnant? :rotfl:

It is what it is...

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