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Ultrathin Solar Cells Are Light Enough to Sit on a Soap Bubble

Started by ronr, April 01, 2016, 08:12:23 AM

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Wow!!!  Now the discussion will become "how many parylene photovoltaic cells can you make to sit on the head of a pin."  :lmao:  My goodness, with all these leaps being made in already mature technologies, it won't be long until you can plug your laptop into your clothing for a recharge or never have to charge your phone from a wall again...  Wild stuff...
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What i want to know is how much they will cost.

I want to put about 500 watts of panels on the motor home i live in to charge the three deep cycle batteries for my lights, heater and my vent fans.
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I'd recommend using the monocrystaline solar panels over other technologies with your motor home.  They've got several advantages; that they continue to convert light into power in much lower light levels than other technologies, they are much more physically durable, often having 20 and 25 year warranties on them, and you can produce up to four times the energy per square foot.  There are cheaper alternatives but with limited space and no real ability to increase that space easily, the extra outlay will likely mean a lot less headaches down the road.

Not sure on the cost for your setup but I'd make a guestimate at around $1000-1500 after mountings and microinverters.  I know that seems high but it's a better product than most hardware stores carry.
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


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