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Filed Social Security application on phone: is there any way to retrieve the application

Started by rvsw, October 23, 2016, 07:12:01 AM

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I had filed the Social Security application on phone with a representative from the Social Security overseas office because at that time in July 2016, I was in a very bad pain.

Now I have a bit better and are able to work with voice recognition so I wanted to review the application and add other documents are required. The overseas office said that they cannot help me with the copy of the application. When I call Social Security office, they are puzzled by this kind of a request and said that they have never heard of the applicant himself requesting application.

My main objective is to just see what is there and add more evidence. So before again I try with Social Security on phone and wait for 45 minutes, I was wondering if anyone else had some inputs on the procedure on this


That might be a little difficult depending on how they helped you file.  If they keep a copy on their computers and send it in electronically then there might be some way of getting to it.  If they simply help you by filling out the forms and sending them in, you're likely going to have to call the SSD administration to see if your application arrived and find out where you would need to send your additional documentation.  

To be honest, I've never actually heard of getting them to do it over the phone.  Pretty cool for those who can't fill them in themselves!  :great:
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Go figure, the Canadian has to tell us how to work the U.S. system  :rotfl:

But he's right more than not  ;)
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I just wanted to update this thread if it is used to anyone. I called up the Social Security Central number and again requested for a copy of the application. I had also requested the office who had helped me fill up the form but they had denied the request. No reason was given.

At Social Security, they gave me a number of an office beginning with 312 area code. However, when I call that number nobody response to it and there is no voicemails. I called Social Security back and complained and they said that is the best they can help.

So looks like it is impossible for me to get my own application back from them. I don't know what was exactly filed as the office that was helping me got the information from me on the phone.

I wonder if there is any place where one can escalate the matter if there is a dispute that Social Security.



It is what it is...


312  is Chicago, IL.   There is an 800 number, will that work from your area?

Try these links to see if they help with the basic info you need.
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Darn, brother... that stinks.  Sadly I have no practical experience with Social Security and that lack is never seen so clearly as when problems like this come up.  The best I can do is to tell you to drop the folks at dissinissues a line and see if one of them has run across this problem before.  I have looked but not found like issues on their site.

I would say that in the light of the stalemate, you should simply submit every piece of relevant medical information you can get hold of that supports your claim.  If there is overlap, so be it... better too much information than too little.

The only pertinent information that I found on overseas SSDI was the following:

Tom McCormackMay 31, 2001

While SSDI IS payable to citizens outside the US, it ISN'T payable to
aliens (even legal ones) overseas. SSI is NEVER payable to anyone residing
outside the US, citizen or not.

Medicare NEVER pays for foreign care, but a Medicare HMO or a Medigap policy
might, depending on the contract wording.

Medicaid (MediCal if CA) NEVER pays for foreign care, and only pays for care
in OTHER states in border areas (likethe DC or NYC areas) or in case of
life-or limb emergency while traveling in another state. But, even then,
getting a provider to sign up for ANOTHER state's Medicaid program is EVEN
HARDER than getting one to sign up with his own!

LTDs, private health insurance policies and private HMOs vary in their
foreign coverage: Read your contract carefully before leaving.

Note that this was written pre-September 11 so things may have changed but it's unlikely that they are more supportive of disability than they were.  Things got a lot tougher rather than easier.
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Thank you for the responses. Yes I did call the toll-free number and that is how I got the 312 area code number. Yes Social Security disability is payable to US citizens living outside United States. But SSI is not. And I'm not applying for SSI anyway.

I'm just surprised that there is no way to escalate the matter anywhere except filing a lawsuit. This is an administrative matter and they should have been a way for a addressing this without having to file a court case for every relatively minor issue. Press at Ciena

Lonesome George

I called Social Security myself and had them send a CD copy of all my files from the beginning. I later called with new information and got my case number and an address and person to send it to.

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