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Started by Bob, August 19, 2015, 01:32:15 PM

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Hello All!

Just wondered if anyone knew anything about this:

"Quell, wearable pain relief technology
Quell is 100% drug free, wearable pain relief technology that is designed to live with you day or night."

I guess it is a stronger version of a "TENS" device. You wear this around your calve.  the idea is that because it is stronger than a TENS the relief you experience is all over your body and not just in the area in which you have the device.  the stimulation you receive causes your brain to produce more of it's own pain relieving chems that your body enjoys.

Here is the link:

Thx and have a Good Day!



I can just feel my calves tighten up at the thought of this thing.
Could take your leg out from under you.

It is what it is...


Wouldn't mind trying it! Should see if my doc will prescribe it for me through worksafe?


Considering that the intent of this device is to use TENS (sending pulses of electricity through the skin to stimulate the nerves) on your calf in order to get the body to start creating it's own pain relievers, I guess it will have some effect.  My worry is that folks will think that this'll replace stronger meds like codeine, morphine, or fentanyl.  My guess is that it'll likely be more like taking an aspirin than anything stronger.  For some folks, that'll be all they need.  That's not likely to be the case with fibro.

I think I'll keep my $250USD (what is that in Canadian now... $700 or something??) and buy a $5 yo-yo to distract myself some more.
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I have to agree with you, Fox.  I guess I was thinking of it as an additional tool.  Even though I take some rather powerful pain meds they still don't address all of my pain. Of course, someone else would have to pay the , rather pricey, bill.!!


 :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: Fox you slay me!


Don't forget the $30 USD a month for replacement pads.
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Just to add to this thread, I had used well and it did not do anything for me. So I returned it after 30 days and got a refund. I was very hopeful that it will reduce a little bit at least because the tens unit that I have works well for me sometimes.


Quotethe stimulation you receive causes your brain to produce more of it's own pain relieving chems that your body enjoys.

I use two tens unit that have 4 pads each.

For me over time they do relive the pain over time, YEAR or more of use.

I don't go with the case that endorphins are pain reliving in fibro.

I believe its more that the tens unit reboots the nerves over time 
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