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2023 Nov 18 19:10:11
ronr: Sorry folks but we have to move again.  Finances is the major reason and but the new hosting service is kicking back tons of errors and things just aren't work well!  I cleaned out the shoutbox just so that the changes messages will stand out better!

2023 Nov 18 19:06:32
ronr: Facebook does not allow nearly the amount of privacy and they search for people and groups thatdon't follow their guidelines.

2023 Nov 13 19:25:44
ronr: This link is an invitation for those that would like to follow us!

2023 Nov 13 19:25:04
ronr: Discord is new to most of us but there is a GREAT DEAL of privacy there.  You need to be invited to even see our page.  Download of the app is easy and there are plenty of directions

Freeze page

Started by denny, March 10, 2017, 12:35:17 PM

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I had a nice feel good post all writ out and
the page froze. I should have known better
but knowing nothing else to do I hit refresh
and poof, there goes my post.  >:(

Typing's tough, so please tell me what to do
when that happens and I'll get back to my
feel gone posts.  :biggrin:

It is what it is...


I use Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera for browsers and have loaded on each of them an extension / Add-on called Lazarus: Form Recovery.  It works great for making sure the text in reply boxes can be recovered if the page gets closed or crashes or stuff like that.  It leaves a faint little "ankh" like this in the top right corner of the text box. 

If you need to recover text that you typed into it, click on the text box and the ankh will appear.  Left click on the ankh and it will bring up a list of the first 30 characters from each post it has in memory.  Scroll over each of them (the complete text shows up in the text box as you scroll) and click on the one you're after.

If you have ANY problems with it, let me know and I can step you through it.  For Google Chrome, the lazarus extension I use is labeled "Lazarus: Form Recovery Patched" just because the current normal version is glitchy.  Let me know if you like it.

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