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2023 Nov 18 19:10:11
ronr: Sorry folks but we have to move again.  Finances is the major reason and but the new hosting service is kicking back tons of errors and things just aren't work well!  I cleaned out the shoutbox just so that the changes messages will stand out better!

2023 Nov 18 19:06:32
ronr: Facebook does not allow nearly the amount of privacy and they search for people and groups thatdon't follow their guidelines.

2023 Nov 13 19:25:44
ronr: This link is an invitation for those that would like to follow us!

2023 Nov 13 19:25:04
ronr: Discord is new to most of us but there is a GREAT DEAL of privacy there.  You need to be invited to even see our page.  Download of the app is easy and there are plenty of directions

Free VPN for a year

Started by foxgrove, March 29, 2017, 10:55:16 PM

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Hey guys... just came across this freebie for the VPN I've been using for a few years now.  It gives you 1 year unlimited bandwidth with a VPN that isn't logged.  This means true anonymity for your surfing... so IF that's important to you, and you don't mind the occasional advertisement bungling it's way through your ad-buster software, give this a try.


OkayFreedom VPN Premium --->

Browse freely and securely. It's okay! Freely surf, uncensored! Automatic access to blocked videos and websites worldwide. And yes, it's legal. Access your favorite websites even when you're overseas. Data theft and spying on you is not okay! OkayFreedom encrypts your connection and automatically conceals your IP address, so you're even protected in public hotspots. It will also guard you when you're using downloaders and torrents. OkayFreedom VPN uses the highly secure Blowfish encryption with 128 bits to guard you online and works with all browsers.

I get nothing out of this but I thought y'all might.  If you need any help with it, I've done it more than a few times.  They only charge $30USD a year for NO advertisements at all, full version so to speak, but I haven't really found the adverts all that annoying.

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