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Hi, new member, new to fibro.

Started by IanS, September 09, 2018, 09:55:57 AM

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Howdy Keith,

Sorry so slow to check in and say howdy. I recently left the Great White North or that's what is was for me anyway. I was in North East Kansas visiting my son. They had their first blizzard in seven years and I am sure that they had it just fro my amusement LOL I am back home where I belong even though it seems that some of the cold followed me here in the form of chilly weather. I do not think it got above like fifty-two today and that is sort of chilly for us, below sixty and we are looking for jackets and sweaters. Oh, sorry I did not tell you where I am, forgetful me. I am on the Gulf of Mexico in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. We have winters quite a bit different from y'all LOL But the strangest thing happened when I was in Kansas. The whole time I was there it really do not get above the freezing point. Most of the time in the mid to low teens and I was not freezing to death. I was only wearing sweats and a hoodie the whole time I was there and it was OK. Temperatures like that down here, and yes we do get them occasionally would be like being in Antarctica to me. Go figure, weird weather stuff for sure.

As I was reading what you and the others have put in this thread the fist thing I thought about when you said nerve pain was Gabapentin. I have been on it for years and it seems to really help me. I would be curious to find out whether it is doing you any good or not. One of the biggest problems with Fibro is that one thing works for one and does nothing for the other or the side effects are so bad that you would rather be in pain. I am happy that you have access to the MMJ. It is illegal in Texas still but I hope not for much longer. The whole country is on the anti-opiates program right now and the Veterans Administration is doing its best to comply and get rid of the big ole bad pain killers. Problem is that other than Tylenol and Ibuprofen they really have nothing to offer in lace of the pain meds that they are taking away. Many Vets have already switched to MMJ. but the kind you buy from a dude named Steve who is always wearing dark glasses, even at night ;) If the VA does a drug screen on you and you test positive for MMJ they can take away at least your pain meds and a bunch of us are thinking "well, your gonna take em anyway. so why not the MMJ" The problem is it is not clear as to if they can take away any of our other benefits or not. Vets in states that have already legalized medical or medical and recreational MMJ with a prescription cannot be punished for it in their system. There are no clear guidelines for those of us in states where it remains illegal. Can they bust us? We really do not know. Someone is going to have to get caught and see what happens.

Well, that was sort of a weird introduction on me. I will try to do better later. I am currently suffering from several cracked and broken ribs. I fell in the North. Tried to stay until they were healed but things just got a little weird so I had to head South. Driving a thousand miles with a bunch of broke ribs in a little car and you steer with the arm on the same side as the cracked ribs sux!!!! It was bad enough driving that far with just Fibro, then add the ribs on top of it and well it was not pretty to say the least. WHat used to be a one day trip was two days and one night in a Motel on the way up and almost four days and three nights on the way back. Thanks to Fibro, the trip and the ribs I have been asleep pretty much for three days and after I get off of here I am going back to sleep. I usually only hibernate when it gets really cold but I am making an exception this time ;)

Also having a big bout with the Fibro-Brain-Fog. If you have not heard of that yet you most likely have it a little or just do nto really understand what has been going on for  along time which was the case with me. Picture taking a huge bale of cotton, the size that only one will fit in a huge truck and stuff that between your ears. Now try to think through it. Tough huh? When you can't remember things, like where did I put that or what was I coming into this room for it most likely is not Alzheimer's it is Fibro Fog. As far as I know we all suffer with it to varying degrees and it varies from day to day sometimes minuet to minuet.

Well that is a lot but ask the others my posts are usually longer and more colorful than this. Wish I could think straight to give you some great advice but for now your just going to have to settle for Fibro-Fog ramblings. Oh and yeah I do have ADHD as well among other maladies. SO scatterbrained is a way of life.

Take care and I hope to see you around the boards and to be able to get to know you better.
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Hey Tojo, thanks for the introduction but I was already snooping your other posts so was aware of some of your recent escapades :)

I definitely have used gabapentin for the nerve pain, and it worked -- I'd say the typical ~30%-50% reduction in pain.  At the recommendation of a few other Fibro-folk I know, I switched to pregabalin (lyrica) after only a couple of weeks on the gabapentin.  It also works to about the same degree, ~%30 with a lot less risk of negative side effects I guess?  I may also be experiencing edema in the torso, shoulders, abdomen area... though it's a cyclical thing and i *think* it predates the fibro flareup, so may or may not be a side effect of the lyrica.

The MMJ is remarkable, I really am amazed some times. I feel bad for you folks living in areas where it's not legalized yet -- and while I get that VA benefits may not be worth the risk of obtaining your own medication, I also remember the vague quote from someone that once said 'following an unjust law is not justice' or something along those lines.

I am opiate avoidant anyways, seem to have allergic reactions to some of them anyways.  Definitely not my cup of tea.

As for fibro-fog, as time goes on and I am better able to identify my afflication, it's effects, and what I am experiencing... I definitely can pinpoint times in my past where that 'fog' is present.  It's probably always a little present, and probably always has been. I'm notoriously forgetful and spacey at the best of times.  It does help to be able to clarify the source of the 'fog' though, and know that it's transitory.

As an aside to the staff, I wanted to note to everyone that I changed my username on these forums.  I did so because I wasn't sure what the robots.txt / indexing setup for the site was, and I was reasonably sure that my OP in this thread was a deciding factor in me not making it further in a recent job interview.  So take that as you will, but there may be some privacy implications if these posts / this subforum is indexed.


I understand that putting our lives out there is a hard thing.  If putting yourself out there caused you to miss out on a job, please accept my condolances.  Sadly, some unscrupulous companies do go out and target people... it's a reality.  It's borderline illegal and most certainly immoral to use information obtained online to weed out people with disabilities.  In essence, it's workplace discrimination by intent.  My heart breaks for you. I'll be keeping your job search in my prayers. :budy:
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