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It does not matter the name, We all have the same symptoms.

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Started by Bob, September 22, 2018, 07:57:45 AM

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Having Lazy Gut from a mistake at least I hope it was a mistake on a doctors part (and just  recently found out I can make the V.A. rate me and pay me more money each month due to this) I mentioned that I was having some problems since I started on the hydrocodone. So yeah this was a long, long time ago. He put me on a stool softener, not a bad idea but instead of "as needed" he put "once daily" and I was on that stuff for so many years at once daily when  I tried to stop at a different doctors request I plugged big time and real quick. I now am still taking a stool softener every single day and I am also on the fiber supplement to try and keep the plumbing moving period.  I still get plugged up and with a gut that moves like Moses walking through molasses it become a real problem and from what I understand it can even be dangerous. They do not want your stool to stay in side you for too long because you can have problems I guess with some kinds of bacteria that can develop. So I am in a world of pickles. But I remembered an old solution that my mom used and had me use when I was younger. She said that it was a secret passed down from her mother, from her mother, from her mother, well you get the idea. Prune juice! was always the magic weapon! I have not needed it in along time but I am sure that if I did it will work. Does not make you regular but you will go, just make sure you have plenty of paper when you get there and once you drink the bottle do not venture far from the can.

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