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CBD questions

Started by MatthewM, November 01, 2018, 12:27:27 PM

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So I've decided that I need to give CBD a solid try.  I have a few Qs for anyone finding success:

1) What online vendor is good (or best)?  Price & Quality.  I've tried doing the research and find some that have certificates but they are also insanely pricey $$$.
2) What works best, oil/tincture or do you have success with pill form?   I'd prefer pills TBH.
3) What dosage/regimen provides the best relief?
4) What type is best: Pure CBD Or a "Full spectrum"?  I've done the general reading but curious how it plays for fibro..

Note: I'm in yeah it has to be "legal."


Those are great questions... In looking through some of the research I've collected about MJ and fibro, a Dr David Bearman (mmj expert) advises that it is best to go about finding the answers with a physician, preferably a pain specialist, as each person's requirements and response to the meds are going to be unique.  He also mentions that the use of both THC and CBD are almost always necessary for pain control, generally in a 1:1 ratio.  While he advises that 15mg of THC is the minimal dosage for pain relief, he also says that titration is advised to allow you to understand how it will affect your body and allow a comfortable transition to using mmj.

Most of this is from Dr Bearman's website and publications but I can't seem to get his website to open right now... Here's the link:

I found some crumbs of it here:

All of the other answers I have are third and fourth hand so I'm really not as comfortable with their accuracy and I don't want to send you off in the wrong direction.  I just thought you might want to ponder those other points as well as they may influence the questions you have already.  Hope that has helped some. :budy:
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I tried some cbd oil gelcaps that a fellow veteran said has been helping him a lot. He is off his blood pressure medicine and two of his pain meds since he has been on it. If wife is a nurse in a very specialized field so if she got caught with anything in a blood test poof there goes her nursing license. SO she took some fro a week or two and then had a personal favor type drug test done. It came back negative whew for her and for my friend because if the V.A. catches you using illegal substances they will at the very least take all of your pain medication away. I am not sure what else they can do to you. It is all kind of a grey area and hard to get answers from anyone or from any publications.

Well that was good enough for me, I would try them and see if they worked as good for me. I purchased them from
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels, 1000 mg; 120 Count On the bottle it says to take three a day and that is what I did for an entire month and did not notice anything at all what so ever. I did not even finish the bottle. They were not very expensive as far as most of the cbd products that you can find out there on the inerweb. So they may have just been a very, very low dosage or did not have anything at all in them. Honestly I do not have any idea. Even at their not so expensive price, they would be too expensive for me to continue using, let alone go to those more expensive products. Cheaper to find Johnny (just a made up name, I have not known anyone selling that kind of stuff in a long, long time) and get a quarter bag, pick up a little vaporizer like I had that burned in the house fire and get my relief that way.

The V.A. is phasing out the opiates and have nothing other than Tylenol and Ibuprofen to take their place so I might just as well start using the cannabis for pain relief as they really will not have any pain meds to take away from me that they haven't already :) I have struggled with this for a very long time as it is still illegal in the state of Texas. Nowadays thought you are not going to get into any trouble unless you have dealer like quantities or your driving around higher and a kite an a danger to everyone or something like that. They most likely will not even confiscate or dispose of your stash. They were told to just back off as the jails are already overcrowded and there is no sense adding to it with minor possession folks that who most likely will just be dismissed anyways.

My biggest problem is my faith, and I have struggled with it and this issue for a long time, and have just about wore the issue out with God, I'm sure LOL In the Word it tells us that we are to obey all laws etc that He has allowed to be in place. When I first found that verse I went to war with a stop sign. Even in my drivers ed class the instructor called it a red yield sign. But now I am being told that I have to pay attention to it and act accordingly as the law dictates. Man oh man what a long drawn out process that was. I learn really slow lol. But shortly after that I was driving the stations Mini-van back and forth from home and that stop sign was on the way to work at the station every day. Would not look to good if the local Christian stations van and afternoon DJ were running a stop sign, would it? So a lesson ahead of time preparing me for something in my future. Funny how God does things like that.

So my problem is that in the state of Texas it is technically against the law to smoke or even have in your possession Marijuana. So I through out the seeds that a friend gave me so I could grow some of my own. and gave up the idea of getting any pain relief from that source. I have seriously considered moving to a state where it is legal. But then I do not know on my seriously limited income how I could afford the move, the cost of living in a new place and all other kinds of issues that pop up in my mind. Then I hear from a friend that the stuff is so expensive that I would not be able to afford it even after getting a doc to give me a script. And the V.A. will not fill one of those scripts at all. One advantage is that there was legislation passed a few years back that said vets living in a state with legalized medicinal marijuana could not in anyway be penalized by the V.A. if it showed up in their system. A little unclear about whether that applied to all vets in the state or just the ones with scripts for the medicinal pot.

Hell of a dilemma, either shell out all my monthly income to get the real CBD oil not the THC oil and live under the bridge so that I can get some pain relief while I live in Texas or move to another state and live under their bridges so I can afford medicinal pot to relive my pain. What's a boy to do?

I think I may have wondered off topic a little lol

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I use CBD oil before going to bed sometimes. It really seems to help me sleep deeper than my normal shallow sleep. Seems to help with the pain as well, and how I feel the next day.


Eric smokes pot and they wont give pain meds but he gets everything else.
He rather have pot anyway.

Sorry,no answer as to the CBD.

It is what it is...

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