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Update Problems

Started by Robby, November 24, 2018, 04:04:25 PM

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I am so proud of myself, years ago my computer skills were above average. The last couple of years though the fog has been so thick I just could not concentrate enough to solve the simplest of problems. Thursday Dawn pulled her laptop out of the cabinet for the first time since about June or July. At that time she was getting an error that "This version of Windows will expire soon", I worked on it for a little while, then packed it back away and forgot it.

So when she pulled it back out the other day it was still saying "This version of Windows will expire on 7/18/2018". So she did what she needed to do, having to close the warning message every so often. When she got through, I had Googled the issue on my laptop, and found several possible problems. I started at the top of the list and worked my way down, nothing worked. Then I ran an "update troubleshooter", with no errors found. So I just clicked on available updates, and saw a major system update available. With our flakey internet it took several tries and several hours to download. Then I clicked install updates, and restarted about 6 times, and the problem is solved.

I think it was a combination of flakey internet, size of download, time to download, and the laptop not being left on long enough to download it. But, I figured it out all by my lonesome. I was ready to pm our resident computer guru fox, but did it without him.  :clapping:
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It is what it is...


:clapping: :lmao: You flatter me too much.  :budy:  Glad you were able to get on top of it. :great:
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I prefer to troubleshoot mechanical stuff. You can see and hear what is wrong. Electrical and electronic stuff... not so much unless it is smoking or on fire. lol


Wow Robby, way to go man. I love it when somehow even through the fog and the pain we are able to pull something off like this. Not only do we feel better because we accomplished something. It is almost like we did a job like we did before Fibro, well at least it does for me. Keep trucking man, I am sure she has some other things that need attending to.
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Thanks to all who have responded
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.

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