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hello all

Started by Madhatter, January 17, 2019, 10:18:16 AM

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Hi all

It is great to find this forum and thank you for having me as a member.

Had a accident in 2015 and after several operations I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago.
it definitely a learning curve on what you can / cannot do.


WELCOME!!! We are glad you have found us, even though we hate you have to be here. There is hundreds of years of experience on this board, and everyone is more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so if you want to know anything just ask. If we don't know someone will find out for you. Just dig in and read all you can, then ask whatever you need to. Look forward to seeing you around the board. 
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Welcome Madhatter,

Feel free to ask anything and welcome to the never ending battle.
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Welcome to the family Madhatter, :welcomeani:

Sorry to hear you needed to find us but very glad you did.  This is NOT an easy thing to go through but it's a lot better with some help.  Has it impacted your ability to work or are you still slogging through?  I know that some of those changes that it demands are really hard for us to face but don't overstress... every fibro case is unique.

I know you'll love the folks here.  Most folks come and go as their situation and ability makes it possible so don't worry if a reply takes a while.  Folks are out there but they may not be in good enough shape to reply yet.  These are amazing folks and we're one big family, watching out for each other, keeping tabs, and sending good thoughts and prayers to those who need them.

One of the best parts of this site is the amazing variety of information that we have locked in these pages... Use the search function to look for past information on practically anything but if you want discussion on stuff, please feel free to start up a conversation.  We're not shy folk in general so if you want to know, ask.   

So, pull up an easy chair, sink in to those deep cushions, and enjoy.  We'll keep the lights on for you.

Fox :budy:
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It is what it is...


We needed a Madhatter, welcome! 

old man w-cane
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Howdy mad hatter and welcome to MWF. You have found your new home, sorry you have to move in :( My brothers are right you have a new family here that you are now a part of and we are glad to welcome you, brother. Please tell us a little more about yourself and what you were doing prior to Fibro. We ready do want to get to know you, it helps in so many ways. Not only to make our friendship better but it helps us to know how to help you better. We all have our stories to tell, things that may or may not have kicked Fibro into gear. Whether we lost our job's, our family's, what was left of our sanity (as in my case) friends and even best friends.

So as my friend Mr. Fox suggested pull up one of our huge fluffy and super soft easy chairs and add a cup of my V-coffee (best blend you will ever have) and peruse the thousands of years worth of experience here in our electric halls. The sear function as Fox mentioned is a great tool. Unlike others which I have used this, one actually works. And as always if you just want to ask a question because you cannot find something on your topic, you just want to discuss it further or the Fog is not letting you focus enough to search but you can type, please do not hesitate to pop up any ole question that you can come up with. And if I can elaborate on what Robby said if we don't know the answer to your question it will not be long before we do if it is available. We have some of the web's greatest search detectives that you will ever come across.

So again, welcome to the brotherhood, the Knighthood as we refer to it around here as you have begun a fight and have to know how to put on your armor, use your weapons and most of all your head. After digging in around here and do the work you will most likely know more about Fibro than any doctor that you may come across. But then that is a good thing; you will have to learn how to politely teach your doctors but it will save a lot of trial and error on their part. It will save a lot of time and grief with you having the knowledge to handle your case of Fibro.

See you around the boards, my new friend ;)
one of Jesus' own

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