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2023 Nov 18 19:10:11
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2023 Nov 18 19:06:32
ronr: Facebook does not allow nearly the amount of privacy and they search for people and groups thatdon't follow their guidelines.

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New Chat, Maybe

Started by dmop75, February 17, 2019, 05:57:41 AM

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I could do a chat maybe every other Saturday, if anyone would be interested. :spacecraft:


Chat is still possible. It has not been used much for quite some time. I tried really hard to get it off the ground with mixed results that eventually just faded away. Some folks do not have headsets or other technical reasons that they can't chat. But I think that the same reason that these latest generations live in a 140 character limit world of texting and tweeting or whatever folks are just uncomfortable talking to each other these days. SOme do not chat because it is too exhausting or them and a whole slew of other reasons why it never gets off the ground. I had some die-hard friends that would join me on a regular basis if they were able but it still just sort of floundered.

We have had a few special topic or time chats that went well so that may be something to try again. But you are welcome to use the chat anytime that you want to and have someone to chat with. There are a lot of new faces who knows you may open the chat room (and yes y9ou can do that) and have several guys show up. I would just set a time that you are going to be there and see what happens. You can post it here so folks know what's happening and do it early enough that they can prepare as sometimes getting ready to do something as you know takes some time and planning even going to bed early the night before just t attempt it. Maybe do an R.S.V.P. or however it is spelled LOL and have them send you PMs if they are going to attend.

Oh and yo have to take into consideration the different time zones. So post yours so that they will know how to calculate their time t arrive for the chat. I know that here in the central time zone it is -06:00. You need to find yours and let them know as we have members from around the world and you might be surprised who might show up. Used to have guys from Great Britain, Australia, New Zeeland and other countries around the world pop in occasionally. I know that if I am 1st Awake 2nd have the energy and 3rd and not busy I will gladly show up for a chat. It was always my dream to get a  bunch of guys using it. I still think that chat and forums are a great thing even though they are dying slowly thanks to facebooks twitters snapchats etc. I even bought a pretty fancy chat program for the forum to use and since it never really took off there really was no reason to install and start using it.

But best of luck to you my friend and I will see you in the chat room if you're going to do it and I can. You may want to PM me about setting it up and I can meet you in the chatroom and show you the ropes on how to use it if you want and or need me to. Just let me know. Who knows it may be the time for the chatroom to take life. Chatting by text or maybe using a voice chat or video chat we have so many platforms that can be used. I knew one member that was trying to get guys to meet him somewhere on the web for audio video chats.

Didn't work out too well. Found out that a lot of the Fibromite male and female are very conscious of how they look and that kept them from anything video and others even because they thought they sounded funny or strange did not want to voice chat. So there was text chat still available. But you had to be patient waiting on folks to type out what they wanted to say, not judge for spelling etc. A bunch of them seemed to be very self-conscious of how they did things. They were almost afraid of what someone would think or say about them.

I for one hope that you can get it off the ground if that is what you want to do. Or just organize getting together once in a while just to chew the fat. We did a few special chats with designated topics. They went so so but for the guys that showed up, it was a good time of sharing and learning from each other. I had actually lined up a few speakers or I guess texters to come and join us to talk about specific things. The chats just never go to a point that I was willing to have these persons commit their time to something that may end up just the texter and myself showing up for it.

This is turning into another one of my books so I will end it here. But then again I am sure everyone by now expects it from me. I just hope that more than not take the time to read them even if they have to come by a few times to read the whole thing ;)

PS Private message me anytime you want about chat or anything else.

one of Jesus' own


Up until now I have been dead set against doing the chat thing because 1. My typing isn't what it used to be 2. My brain stays so foggy that I have to type out my post, then go back and reread it and correct the parts that don't make sense, are poorly worded, could be offensive, or otherwise just not post-able. Then I have to go back and reread another two, three or four times to make sure I didn't miss anything. And, 3. I get confused about where I was headed, what I have already written, and what the topic was to start with. So you can see my hesitance in doing something real-time.

But, since this is important to you, count me in. I can't promise I will always be able to join, with two handicapped children in the home my time is usually in demand. On top of the regular household things that keep you busy. See if anyone else is willing to join in, but if not get with me and we'll set something up. You buy the coffee

::large coffee::
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Hey, Sir robby,

If you only knew how long it takes for me to develop my posts you would cry. I have to read re-read and do it all over many-many times. This has nothing to do with the length of the post even though most are very lengthy ;) It is because I always end up editing as I go and go back and do it all over again as often as the cars go around the track at the Daytona 500. My three or four finger typing if you could even call it that is probably up there with the kindergarten typing team. My spelling has never been any good. If it were not for the spell checker I use I would be exposed for the uneducated idiot that I am. The new spell checker helps a little with the grammar and punctuation thank God. But even with it, I am sure that most of Y'all have known for a long time that I do not have a proper command of the English language. Even though I try to house BIG words sometimes. And that is not to impress but trying to express what I really mean. When it comes to speaking I can, well I used to be able to speak well enough to do radio and never be accused of being dumb or stupid or an idiot, well no one ever said it to my face or ear. I had a good sized vocabulary and understood the words that I used. If I didn't know a word I would find a dictionary. But that has gone all to... The exposure of being a dropout and not really ever doing any good in school, especially in the 7th and 8th grade because I slept through those three years. Those years have a lot and I mean a lot to do with your learning how to speak and write and all of that great language stuff. So I say bring it on I will join Y'all.

When I used to run the chatroom if I could get embarrassed it would have been all the time because in real live time type of settings the truth is always out there for all to see. The spell checker does not work in chat and if it did I would never be able to say much. So I just, well I hate to use this expression and I hear it all the time as my brother says it frequently well here it goes "It is what it is ". He does that "yadda yadda yadda" thing too and it just drives me up a wall and I am almost always near the ceiling anyway.

So you and anyone else should and I guess ever would feel embarrassed if I am in the chatroom with you. And I promise that I will be there as often as I can and I will work hard to make all of them. I used to sit in there for hours all by myself so I am sure that I can be there and stay if there are folks to chat with. I will see Y'all in the electronics meet hall.

one of Jesus' own


Starting when at what time?
It might be fun just trying to keep up. Seems like too many people with too many subjects gum up the works.
Your reasons for not chatting,robby, echo mine as well.

It is what it is...


We used to set a topic or just have a free discussion session where we just talked about anything we wanted but everyone was always very good at going along with the topic at hand. I really was surprised the first couple of times as I thought that everyone would run each other over, but they didn't actually quite the opposite. It also was a great way to meet Noobs. We would keep shouting out in the shoutbox that we were there. New people would pop in and some of the passerbys would sign up and join us in the chat. Some of them stayed around for a while too.

It actually was a lot of fun and teacher/corrector people were not allowed. If anyone would have ever started grading someone's spelling or grammar I would have booted them out and they would not have been allowed to come back in. We had some great conversations and it was good to just get some things off of the chest that maybe you never wanted to be in the forum. Chat is safe as it goes away as soon as it is shut down, no one will ever see it again.

We also dug into somethings that were bothering one of us physically or mentally and maybe even how to get some help with a particular thing. We discussed SSDI regular social security how much you can make a month and still get your SSDI, I wish I could still remember what that is. I always forget and it seems to be within a few minutes of finding out. Next time it goes into Evernote, that way I will never lose it again. There was just a HUGE variety if conversations. Sometimes a couple of the guys would move into a private room if they wanted to talk about something they did not want everyone else to know about and the others just stayed in the sun chatroom and went on about it.

There never was any grammar spelling people that I had to boot out. no one ever said anything about someone comments spelling or how long it took for someone to say something. I always tried to slow down my horrendous typing but I want to talk so bad it got even faster sometimes and came out worse. But no one ever said a word. Guys, you are safe in there with the rest of us.

Quick update, the little tutorial I made was posted up on Photobucket. They became you have to pay to use its site. I guess when that happened all of the pics and whatever that were not by members that decided to pay a monthly fee to keep their stuff on Photobucket's server were deleted. I will see about making a new how to host the chat and to just join up and chat soon.  None of it is really difficult, a matter of fact it is really easy I mean if I could figure out how to do it anybody can. I know you probably hear that comment a lot and it is usually in a joking type of context, with me it is not. I have a hard time doing new things or just learning a little about new things and I was able to set up and open and host chat right away and it is even easier to just be someone that's there to chat. One thing though, make sure that you do is when your logging in to set your user name. It is so much easier on everyone not having to try to remember who number one is and who number two is etc. ;)  Look for up and coming Tuts here in the near future.

That site is a great tool for anyone that needs to calculate what time the chat will be where they live. It really helped some of the guys from outside the continental US.

If you have doubts, at least try it once, I think that you will find it is nothing like you thought it would be. It's fun and it's safe. It also was a great distraction from pain or things that were depressing me. So come on and join the rest of us!!!

one of Jesus' own


Photobucket still works for free.  Maybe there is a size limit before you have to start paying but it must be huge because I still have stuff on there for free.

Spelling and grammar - well that's why just about anything is accepted in fone texting and it carries over to online too.  No grammar correcting allowed unless it gets to the point of being unreadable.
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That is weird ronr. Every time I try to log into one of my accounts, I have or had two I am redirected to a pick your plan and pay page. Both of the tutorials that I have made show as broken and bucket says the images are gone. They really were not big at all so I don't know. I Wil just use imjur or one of the others when I make the new ones.
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