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Hello All

Started by ArazelEternal, April 19, 2019, 04:06:39 PM

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Hello all.  Just managed to find this forum today, from another website (cant remember what that site was just now.)  Im a 33 year old male from just west of Madison, WI.  I havent been officially diagnosed with fibro, though I have been checked for it.  Im in pain almost every day.  Sometimes its barely there, some days its hard to even move.  Ive looked up info on it, and it all hits home pretty accurately.  On top of that, my mother was diagnosed with FM two years ago now, and I share almost every one of her symptoms.  The pain, fatigue, and especially the brain fog are real.

Im an IT Admin at my place of work.  Ive been there for 12 years now.  On top of being pretty darn sure I have fibro, Ive also suffered from and been diagnosed with major depression disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and have been on meds for both for a better part of my life.
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Hi ArazelEternal sounds like you found the right place! Ask this crew and someone will most likely have an answer. I was dx in 98.


 :: Howdy ::  It does sound like your in the right place. But even if they decide you have something else you have enough of the same symptoms that you'll always be welcomed here. I was dx'd back in 2002, but suffered for years before that, my whole life actually. Just didn't know what it was, I actually thought everybody felt like that. Anyway, get settled in, think of any questions you have and someone will be along eventually to answer them. It gets slow around here a good bit, when everybody starts hurting at the same time, but we'll get back to you. I don't know what I would do without my brothers here.
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Welcome to the family, ArazelEternal.  :welcomeani:

So sorry that you had to end up here... fibro sucks.  I'm glad to saw it sucks a whole lot less with good friends in your corner.  Now we're in your corner too.  My energy levels are not going to allow me to do much of a post here but I wanted to let you know that this is the place to be.  Yup, we do actually understand what it's like to have the world on your shoulders crushing you down day by day.  It's a hard journey.  Very glad we could be part of yours.

Dig in, the folks here are fabulous. Very giving, very caring.. no BS. We're sometimes a bit too real for folks but just know that everyone's journey is unique.  Some deal with extra burdens, some just deal as best they can... we have all kinds of fun around here.  No worries... you're gonna fit in here just fine.  Glad to meet you.  Looking forward to talking more.

So, until you have more energy, grab a comfy seat, grab a cold drink, and enjoy the ride. 

Fox :budy:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Thanks for the replies.  Place seems kinda slow, though I guess that is to be expected, considering.  Its good to see people who are caring and encouraging, instead of telling you its all in your head.  Mental illness a lot of times isnt really treated any better by those on the outside of it.  Having multiple invisible diseases makes things quite hard indeed.
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Howdy, AzrealEternal,

Sorry, I'm late to the Welcome Aboard Party!!!!!! You will find that all of us and it will most likely be you included come and go with the energy and lack of Fibro-Fog between the ears. I am glad that you found us no matter what website sent you our way. The problem with that statement is that I really wish that you didn't have to be here in the first place. Just the fact that you were looking tell me that you are having days of hell which not only include pain, exhaustion, FIbro-Fog, and non-believers. "It's all in your head" (IAIYH) is a comment that just sets the hair on the back of my neck standing at attention. If I had a dime for everyone I have heard someone tell us that they are and have been told that, we would have enough to solve Fibro through our own research. Sadly your journey sounds all too familiar. As you are strolling around the electronic halls here at MWF you will find lots of posts that you will swear that you yourself wrote yourself, you just don't remember doing it.

I'm curious what kind of doctors have you seen that told you that you don't have Fibro? You can only be diagnosed by a Rheumatologist. Other doctors may know about or think they do when it comes to Fibro but a Rhuemy is the one with the sayso yes or no when it comes to Fibro.

Are you on any medications and do they help at all? Do you have family, do they believe you, understand and try to support you however they can?

I would love to ask more nosy questions and spend some time telling you a little about my personal path to a diagnosis. That would show you the similarities that I myself have with you and I am just one person that you are getting to know. Stick around even if it is slow. If not already, I hate to tell you that you will end up slow some days a lot more than others. We all stand and support each other any way that we can. Sometimes it is doing some research online to find out if something is real or not when it comes to "Help or a Cure". There are lots of snake oil salesmen out there that want all of our money, taking advantage of us because we are in pain. I would love to get a hold of a few of them a then make them share on social media what happens when they run into one of us in person, especially with a very heavy cane like mine.

Sometimes we are just a place to vent when the world is doing you wrong or your just frustrated with how you feel. A lot of the time it is just the fact that we listen and not only do we listen, we "Get it". You'll have our ear, our support and anything else that we can do but we don't do sympathy here, we do empathy a completely different critter.

For now signing off from Corpus Christi, Texas right on the Gulf Coast. Welcome aboard my new friend AzrealEternal (Like the username)

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Yeah... slow has been the norm for a number of months... often happens during the winter as we all hibernate and just hang on for warmer weather.  You sure said it, multiple invisible diseases makes life very very hard. 
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....


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