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Low Back Pain

Started by Bob, June 21, 2019, 02:10:27 PM

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What I absolutely love about Fibro is that EVERY DAY there is something new to experience.  Today's new thing is Lower  Back pain.  this feels , kind of, like having kidney stones that are a bit higher on my  back. this pain is a sharp stabbing one. 

I did some excercises this moring.  these were not particularly strenuous nor were they anything I haven't done before- even recently So, I am a loss as to why I am experiencing such pain.

I read that this could be from a Fibro Flare.  Has anyone else experienced such pain symptoms?


Welcome home Bob!!!  We've missed you around here.  :bighug:

As to the pain... yes, I have experienced pain very similar to what you are talking about.  Couple of questions first...  have you noticed any change in the colour or frequency of your pee?  If so, check with a doctor before going forward.  Kidneys are very specialized little suckers and we just can't afford to take them for granted.

Aside from that, I found a trigger point that may be giving you grief:

<<<<<courtesy of>>>>>>

If you're not familiar with trigger points, take a walk through this video, it should help to clear that up...

He's a smart cookie and does a number of videos on his technique.  Note that there are numerous trigger point release techniques, his is just the least painful I've found.
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First welcome back Bob. Good to see ya around. Now fox thanks for those links definitely going to give those a look. Bob, I do have low back pain, but mine is caused by where I broke my back, so I can't really speak for the type of pain I have because it's a different pain. But I do have the pain in the upper lower back region. I know that made no sense, upper lower. I sound like a fibro sufferer making stuff up to tell the doc, and social security  :lmao:
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Yes Bob, I have those.  Makes it kinda hard to tell the difference between that pain and a stone.  Matter of fact I think it was last year that I passed a small stone thinking I probably had one but not sure.  Only occasional color and no real red.  I had told the GP I was having issues but the pee test was OK at the time.  Next time I had a little cutie to show him.  No sense having it tested to see what it's made of as it was not the first and likely not the last.  At least it wasn't a handful or large one.

The back pain was only slightly better for a short time but I have to move or else I will be in a chair or hospital bed permanently.  It might be outrageously tough to get started moving but gotta do it and it get better till I get involved with something and overdo a short time later.  When I first go hurt the neuro said that I had a mass over the SI and I can tell by feeling that it did not evaporate.  He did not offer an explanation or treatment for that as we were dealing with vertebral breaks.

Don't know what to tell you about the stones as a CT scan is the way it is diagnosed nowadays not the old x-ray.  If you go to the doc though at least your have tried to do your best.
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Sorry it's been a while but, thank you all for  your input!


I know that pain very well. I've gotten it from reaching for the tv remote, then stayed in bed for two days.
I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


As for the back pain in general, can't say I have similar pain. BUT,,, If I work a muscle or group (or more) during a flare, I can get the next day blues or worse (bed rest req). The muscle or whatever, just says a hearty F U and goes on vacation, often in strong pain for the next few days. luckily I haven't had one of those in a while (I don't do much anymore that could cause me much pain other than the oh-so joyous fibro pain).

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