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Med induced insomnia

Started by foxgrove, August 31, 2019, 01:17:19 AM

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So... this is awfully fun.. or not, depending on whether you're reading this or writing it, I guess.  It's 1:38am and, as of about 40 minutes ago, I am fully wide awake and staring at the ceiling... again.  No sleeping tonight.  Frickin Ropinirole!!!  Forty-five minutes after taking them, eyes pop open and 15 minutes after that, the flop sweats start, soaking my sheets, blanket, and pillow, and making the rest of the night one big uncomfortable eyes wide open nightmare.

So here's the story.  As I made some med adjustments to find my new pain level, we discovered the peaks of some mountains lurking under the surface.  One of those peaks was restless legs... nasty nasty restless legs.  I mean, not only was I waking my love, I was even waking my kids with the banging around my legs were doing.  It was terrible... guaranteed no sleep.  So... off to the doctor we go.

Doc says, "Well, let's try a different med.  You just have to watch your blood pressure with this one."  Easy peasy, chips 'n cheesy, right.  Well...  the new med was Ropinirole, which is a dopamine agonist... it ties up a lot of the dopamine receptors in your brain and effectively reduces it's dopamine level.  So, we launched into it with renewed vigor.  I was going to beat this thing.  First four days on the lowest dose started to feel some change.  Maybe a little less burning in my legs.  Second four days, we were up to two doses.  Started to do more... I could finally sleep... We stayed there for about a week and then, the effects started to fade.  The legs were bopping again.  On to level three... again, seemed to work at the beginning.

Suddenly, about a week into three pills, my eyes popped open 45 minutes after I took the med, I started to sweat like crazy, and suddenly, not only was sleep impossible, so was any form of comfort.  We knew then that things were going badly sideways.  Quickly we got in to see my doc and told her about this.  She said to take 1-3 lorazepam to get to sleep and just wait out the adjustment period.  Yeah... 'cause that's always worked well in the past.   :emowall:

So, lories just before bed.  Take two and I can't sleep... take three and not only can't I sleep but I'm like a stoner the next day.  What the heck kinda fix is this.  Got another appointment to see doc.  By this point, I have slept a total of maybe 10 hours in two weeks so I'm not really doing well.  

I've been doing my own research all this time and I start to come up with some ideas.  Apparently there was a small study done that showed that citalopram CAN occasionally cause restless legs.  As well, I realize that some of the pain and discomfort might be trigger points suddenly able to rear their heads and scream at me so I start to work on them every night while I can't sleep.  Combined this with TaiChi during the night to tire my legs out and hot/cold baths to try to reinvigorate the blood flow in my legs (it's still a theory that RLS is caused by poor circulation). I've got to say that between all my new night energetics, the restless legs got more manageable but the insomnia stayed, strong and unrelenting.

So... gone to see doc.  We have this policy that we never take mid-day appointments as the place is by then, completely toxic to me... not to mention that my doc has a thing for perfume which is like Kryptonite to me.  I get in there and I lasted maybe five minutes before I have the world's most intense migraine... can't stand, can't walk, can't see.  I stayed in there simply to make sure that doc understood that this was going nowhere and we NEEDED to get off Ropinirole and possibly Citalopram.  Pick one, she says.   :emorant:  You can only wean off one med at a time.

So, I'm on the last day of week one coming down, VERY slowly.  I'll be back to one Ropin Rolly tomorrow and in a week, I'll hopefully be off them.  Oh, and guess what the side effects of coming OFF the med are???  Anyone???  Increased restless legs, nerve pain, and you got it... massive insomnia.  I think I'm starting to lose it a little.  Now we're down to around 45 minutes of sleep a night and I don't see much change for the next week or two.  But then again... maybe we'll get lucky.  Hey... don't laugh so hard... it happens... sometimes.

Right now, we, as a family, are trying to figure out how to afford CBD oil or possibly high CBD marijuana to deal with the restless legs, my depression and anxiety, and this stinkin cotton pickin insomnia if it decides to stick around.  It's more than we can afford as we're continuing our slow spiral into the financial toilet, sucking capital we've built up in our house and paying bills with it.  Crazier than crazy and I do not recommend it, but somehow, it's allowed us to survive so far.  Makes it very hard to have anything resembling a budget but it makes depending on God for what we have somewhat of a necessity.

In any case... this is now becoming far too long of a story so I'll stop babbling if I can.  This is all new territory for me as, while my pain levels were stupid, my exhaustion levels were always high enough to allow me to sleep, restlessly, but sleep, nonetheless.  If anyone out there has good practical experience with vaping MJ or CBD oil or anything of the sort that could help us in our decisions, please comment.  I'd love the help. :budy:

Sleep well, those who can sleep.  I wish you sweet, uninterrupted dreams.  :bighug:
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Haven't slept through the night in over two years my average is 5 hours a day


I know those days, even had a couple two or three in a row that was only 2 hours.
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