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Magnesium and Alkaline Water?

Started by DEL, November 21, 2019, 06:07:13 PM

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Someone on Twitter suggested that I try taking Magnesium and drink Alkaline water...says their Fibro
has been in remission for 30 yrs as a result...what do you
guys think?
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1. I don't think that would work.

2. I don't think they had fibro to start with.
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As Robby said I don't thin so if it was that easy many of us would be cured. I take magnesium for muscle cramps so maybe this guy was mineral deficient? Maybe he was self diagnosed as well?


I'm not saying that it might not change something in your body, just that we have no idea if that is the right thing for you.  Simple cures almost never deal with the real issues.  In this case, I'm in total agreement that either this person made this tale up or the person they were talking to never suffered from fibro.

Low magnesium is linked to muscle twitches, muscle cramping, difficulty thinking, fatigue, and muscle weakness, so... it is always a possibility.  From my understanding, magnesium is better processed by the body when taken in concert with calcium and potassium.  Having the doc take a look at your potassium, calcium, and magnesium levels is always a good idea.  If you are in the low or low-normal range, supplements may help.

...but alkaline water???  Another one of those "blood type" things I keep having crazy people yack in my ear.  "You have to eat according to your blood type" which has no medical basis.  Alkaline water is mainly made by adding bicarbonate soda to tap water and sold at enormous profits.  It's a scam!!
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If it sounds too good to be true ... It probably is.

Blood tests are easy enough and should show if there is a lack of anything, otherwise it sounds like a waste of time, effort, and $$$$.
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I was told acid body hurts you but i was addicted to alca selzer(sic)and my body was still acid.
I think it takes a whole lot more than that.

It is what it is...

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