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It does not matter the name, We all have the same symptoms.

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Prayers please

Started by looneylane, November 22, 2019, 08:44:54 PM

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It is what it is...


Our clinic was shut down for the week for tests so I have to try again next week the only way to hurry it up is going through emergency. My ultrasound finally was done for the mass on my shoulder (before anyone else says it not the mass holding my brain lol) I have xrays blood work and a heart monitoring test to see if I have had a heart issue. Ended up on the phone with a firefighter friend we both have gone through the ringer he wants to come check on me we are both in the same boat health wise so of course he told me to start talking to my family that doesn't know the extent of my health issues. Hope everyone is taking care of themselves


Never rains but it pours... Glad they were able to do the ultrasound.  I imagine you'll get the results somewhere between then and never but hopefully, the doc will be able to figure out some of what's going on.  Family needs to know...  it's harder than it seems and yet, easy as opening up and letting it pour out.  Gotcha in our prayers... always.

I'm here if you need an ear... any time, day or night. :bighug:
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Thanks Foxgrove! Well I went in for three different sets of tests today I almost fainted as well as feeling like I was going to throw up after the blood work. Hopefully there will be some answers at the end of this they have taken enough blood to make sure I was a quart low lol Thanks for the prayers


praying for you brother; for the healing of the body (whether by God's own hand or through the doctors), peace for the mind, and quiet for the soul.

Jeremiah 17:14
Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise.

I love this verse because it declares the certainty of God answering our prayer and reminds us that he is faithful. Though my earthly body may still be wounded, my heart is restored, my mind is healed, and my soul is saved.
i R a HoOmAn.


Thanks Quirkyhndl hanging in there


loony as you know there are 100's of verses that tells us God will heal us (if it's His will, if not He has something better planned) but I do want to mention one, I personally tear up whenever I read the names of God, that touches me in ways the rest of the Bible doesn't I don't understand why, but it becomes so much more real when I hear God's name in connection with whatever I'm in at the moment I guess, but I know He reaches my heart in such a special way.

Jehovah-Rapha The LORD Your Healer (OT)

But in the New Testament it becomes Jesus the Great Physcian and my favorite Scripture about healing is in Matt. 8:5-13, the Centurion's servant. There are a lot of reasons why I find this to be my favorite, anyone that wants to know pm me and I'll be glad to tell you, but thread isn't the place to discuss it. Loony I know you know the story, but for someone that doesn't, I'll make this quick, a Roman Centurion had a servant that fell extremely sick, about to die. For some reason this servant was very special to the centurion. Unwilling to place the servants life in the hands of another servant, or another person period. The centurion walked about 5 miles, knowing when he got there he would find Jesus a Jew in the midst of the Pharisees his sworn enemies and walked in the middle of them and said "Jesus please my servant is about to die, please heal them", Jesus did not hesitate he immediately stood up and said "Let's go to your house and I will heal your servant". The centurion either being ashamed, or afraid of having Jesus in the Roman camp or whatever reason said "There is no need for you to go, just say the word and I know they will be healed immediately" Jesus, of course knew before hand what the centurion would say, stepped back and acted shocked, looked at the Pharisees and proclaimed "Nowhere in all of Israel combined is there faith this strong" He paused, and said "Go home your servant is healed already" The Bible does not say it, but I imagine the centurion ran the entire 5 miles home to rejoice with his servant.

But let's look at something else,   Paul had a problem with his eyesight that God never healed. When Timothy was sick, Paul told him to drink wine (not go to a healing service). The Lazarus who was raised from the dead eventually died later. Paul says that he had a thorn in the flesh which he prayed for God to remove over and over again, but God never removed it. Job suffered because God had a whole bigger purpose for him than mere comfort on this planet. And Job's suffering was not the result of a lack of faith.

We must realize that sometimes it's just not God's plan to heal or to fix a problem quickly for us. And that's ok. He still loves us. He still has a plan. And He still has a profound purpose for that pain that can end up blessing us beyond anything we could ever imagine. And there is nothing like the experience of being comforted by God alone in that dark hour. (The Holy Spirit is THE COMFORTOR given freely by God to His children)
I've only told this to a select few, I don't know why I'm telling it here, other than I was told to. I was praying one time for my cup to be removed from me. I could see no reason to continue unless it was removed. When I heard the still small voice of God speak to me. He told me that during some of my darkest hours and my greatest pain, other people saw me, some of those people were unbelievers, some were even atheist, but they all saw me, they saw that no matter what I faced, no matter how bad I hurt, no matter what my faith never changed, even when I was running from God my faith never wavered. He then said, you didn't know they saw you, you don't know how many of them you reached for Christ, you will never know until heaven how many of them accepted Christ because of what they saw in you. You will never know until heaven how many of them have went from atheist to actively serving Christ and leading others to Jesus, as only an ex-atheist can, all because of you and your faith. It's none of your business until you reach heaven. Just know I saw, and I know, and I love you no matter what. Just know I am here and my comfort is here when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and seek my comfort. It's not my plan to heal you right now, and my plan is greater than your plan, there is comfort in my plan not yours. Allow me to comfort you and even though I won't take away your hurt right now, you will never be in pain again.

I've held on to that promise. But that is my promise not anyone else's. And even though I was praying for more than just my physical pain, He has kept his promise to me, when I let him. He doesn't force his promise on me, it's up to me to accept it each and every day, and I don't always accept it, because I'm human. But when I turn back to Him, He is already waiting for me.

Most of this has nothing to do with you, most doesn't even fit your situation, but that's my God, that's what He wants to do for you. He has a different plan for you, find it and find peace. He loves you and wants to heal you but it may not be in His divine plan, and He will keep His plan for you in effect even if you force Him to change it, but He will accept you back in the twinkling of an eye. No matter what you do, or what happens to you, you will always be His child and His love for you never decreases, neither does my love for you, so I pray daily for you to find comfort both physical and mental. We may never meet on earth, probably won't, but I know in heaven we will know each other immediately and will be the brothers we have become on earth. You are an inspiration to me and always will be. So I ask my God to give you the comfort and peace He gave me. Not all the pain is gone, but with His help I can handle it, not of my power but through His. As I said, I know you already know this, but I felt compelled to tell you again, and I've learned that when God compels you, it's not a good idea to refuse. Do that and end up like Jonah, and I have enough trouble as it is.

:bighug: :smiley praying:

I will put you in the trunk, and help people look for you, DON'T TEST ME.


Makes me feel like im doing something wrong,but it reminds me about that little girl that died and came back;she saw heaven and said"we are all heros just for being here.

It is what it is...

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