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I had to Re-Register or My Account has been deleted ... What happened???

Started by Lori, October 09, 2008, 03:14:15 PM

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Part of the maintenance of this forum is ...

When a person REGISTERS ... an email is sent to the email address they supplied with a link they MUST use to ACTIVATE their account.
-- When an account is not ACTIVATED within 14 days ... the Registration is DELETED.

Therefore ... that person would be required to Register (or re-register) again. So ...
-- remember to ACTIVATE your account ... and log in at least once.

When a person has Registered & Activated their account ... but never logged onto the forum ...
-- those accounts are left ACTIVE for a period of ONE month (or so ... whenever I get a chance & remember to clean them up).
-- So ... remember to login AT LEAST ONCE ... that will cover you for a year.

When a MEMBER has to Re-Register ... that means, usually, that they have not visited this forum or logged in (or posted) for a minimum of 365 days. Even if you don't post ... the forum keeps a record of the last time you logged in. So ... its best to login each time you visit ... and not leave yourself as a Guest. Just to be on the safe side ...

[Note: the forum is currently set for Immediate Registration. This may change so this post may be ... irrelevant. The key point: just make sure you're using a valid email and you log in now & again. Many thanks. Lori]

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