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Dealing With Fog

Started by DEL, March 22, 2015, 10:48:26 AM

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My wife found this on Facebook; just thought I would share.

Fibromyalgia by Prohealth
Free Download: "Brain Fog Basics - Managing the Cognitive Dysfunction of Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS" by Dr. Mark J Pellegrino, MD. Visit:

"Fibrofog... is the cognitive dysfunction brought on by Fibromyalgia (or ME/CFS).

"Perhaps the most frustrating complaint I hear from patients with Fibromyalgia is the brain fog, or 'fibrofog'. Unlike the pain and fatigue which are usually constant nuisances, this problem causes unpredictable difficulties with our thinking. The unpredictability is the very reason it's most frustrating. You never know when it will strike.

There are a number of strategies to try to treat fibrofog. We can try to take advantage of every strategy available to keep our minds less befuddled."

- Dr. Mark J Pellegrino, MD

Download the free e-booklet here:
"Today, you will be with me in paradise."

I have to be me; no one else wants the job!

Praise God and Pass the Ammo!

If only my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle!


Thanks Del I will give it a peruse!


Cool!!!  Good guy.. doctor WITH fibro.  Mark's one of the staff contributors and admins at the WebMD fibro group so he's right in the thick of things.  No so sure I agree with the whole cluttered hallway clean room analogy... it's more like thinking through concrete but there you go...  The whole "clean room" idea seems to say once the door is opened everything in there is easy to get to.  Not so, at least not in my situation.  It occurs sometimes but other times, I might as well be off drifting on a sea of forgetfulness... there ain't nothin there my friend... ain't nothin there!!
Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Good read! Not sure how I feel about some of the meds they promoted to reduce fog though? The others seemed ok as they worked directly with how our brain operates while the Anti depressants in my experience did  not.


I agree that the "cluttered room" analogy doesn't work for me as much as the idea of trying to think through cement. Where it does work,
however, is when I can't get to sleep because it seems like my mind is on an endless cluttered loop that just won't stop long
enough for comfort.

I can't help wondering how much I've forgotten but have no idea I've done there's a screwed up thought!
"Today, you will be with me in paradise."

I have to be me; no one else wants the job!

Praise God and Pass the Ammo!

If only my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle!


for me the whole idea of a "Fog" is perfect. I remember several times in my life I started to work in the morning, or home after a late weekend night, when the fog was so thick, that I didn't get over 15-20 mph, and even then it was a white-knuckle ride. There was one time I left a friends house about 3am one morning, and he lived on this back country road that had more turns than a pigs tail. We don't have anything close to what you would call "mountains" or anything similar, I would call this area flat even with the hills we do have, but he lived on a road that built on top of, and followed a ridge line. When the road was first built they didn't have any kind of equipment that would allow them to level out hills that big. There was probably a 30-40ft deep drop-off, then leveling out some, to a total depth of 65-100ft. Really on a good day clear sun shiney day you averaged about 35-40mph, a lot of drunks have died driving that road. Now I drove that slow on the road, even though I normally drive 10-15,mph faster than the posted limit, it was just that bad, Start at one end, and draw a straight line to the other end, and it is probably 4 miles, however if you set your trip odometer at the start and drive to the other end, it's more like 12 miles, there is no "straight-aways", just shallow curves and transitions from a right hand 90deg, to a left 90deg.

This particular morning, instead of the normal 8 minutes for me to drive one end to the other, it took me over 20 minutes, and I let my tires drop off the pavement on both sides several times. I barely could see the end of my hood, much less the road, there was actually times that I kept track of where I was by feeling for the pavement drop-off. That is what it's like trying to think some days, I actually get through a conversation by following the clue's from the people I am talking too. When I can't think of what I'm trying to say I will describe the word I'm trying to say, and let the other person guess, which gives me the information I need to figure out what I say.
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Well said robby!!! :clapping:  I'm very prone to doing the exact same thing.  Sad thing is that the folks who try to trip you up to prove "you aren't listening" think that I'm doing the exact same thing when I'm seriously working like a maniac just to put together the little I did understand and retain.  I normally just bow out of complex conversation or try to explain to them before they go too deep that I'm on a cliff here and a little rope would certainly be helpful.  I used to climb all the time.. scrambles, hills, even took on a cliff side more than once.  It wasn't until I got in my teens that I really started to enjoy it.  Took a few impromptu lesons from some rock jocks and took a real liking to it.  Problem is I can barely pull myself up out of bed not to mention puling myself up on a rope.  Can't even imagine how hard it would be to grip the rock now.  Oh well... dreams of other days.  Maybe one day when they find the cure... (hey, I can be hopeful. :biggrin:) I'll get another crack at it.

Where God leads, His hand always provides keep Calm and code on....



Robby, you nailed it on the head! And I thought that I had gone mentally deficient from having to work around words to try and finish a thought. Thank you for the explanation, it eases my mind.



Honestly my brother and I just laughed together on that one.  I am known for stuttering through concepts and what not to finish a thought. Or even better completely losing segments of time.

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